About Calibray
Calibray has been derived with the sole motivation behind of helping any individual who has an extraordinary item, to effectively offer it online. We have made the most straightforward route for you to begin offering over numerous marketplaces, all over the globe. By giving very adaptable and secure ecommerce arrangements, we empower manufacturers and retailers to concentrate on overseeing and developing their business. Core team of Calibray is highly dedicated and having more than 6 years of experience in e-commerce and other related sectors.
Having known this evolving industry for a while, Calibray stops at nothing. It’s evolving with time, with ever-changing needs and of course with the industry. What's to come is computerized business and there is no reason behind why not to offer your products to individuals all around the globe. Our one of a kind plan of action supports partnership and shared achievement. As such, if our customers reach the goal, we get succeeded. Calibray needs producers and retailers (online and offline) to have the capacity to do this in a manner that builds up their business and increases their profit.
Building Sales Startegy
Mapping an existing journey to plan for a profitable sales process
Ensure Survival
Creating and managing your campaigns while taking care of the market competition
Converting Visitors Into Buyers
Planning effective marketing strategies to attract potential buyers and new visitors
Improve Sales & Performance
Monitoring results and key sales activities to increase sales and awareness
Why Calibray?
Calibray is an integrated package for sellers that combines technologies and services together to open up the door of the biggest marketplace and reach millions of buyers to grow sales and business.
Building Your Caimpaign & Strategies
Conveying the precise objectives, we generate relevant keywords, titles, ad copies and campaign structure
Optimizing your Business for the Market
We optimize your merchandising with respect to the product criteria to make them relevant or search optimized
User-Friendly Access & Interfaces
We ensure to offer a user-friendly way of giving buyers access to your ads and full product range for higher sales
Maintaining you A-Z Communication
We give prominent attention to buyers queries and communicate proactively to reduce A-Z claims and offer faster resolution